1. Advertising
  2. Animal Rights: testing on animals, vegetarianism, zoos
  3. Cities: urbanisation, problems of city life
  4. Crime: police, punishments/prisons, rehabilitation, capital punishment
  5. Education: studying abroad, technology in education, education in developing countries, higher
    education, home-schooling, single sex education
  6. Environment: global warming, impact of humans on the environment, solutions to environmental
    problems, recycling, alternative power
  7. Family: family size, working parents, divorce, care for old people
  8. Gender: gender and education, gender and work, women’s and men’s role in the family
  9. Genetic Engineering: positives, negatives, genetically modified foods
  10. Global Issues: problems in developing countries, how to help developing countries, immigration, multicultural societies, globalisation
  11. Government and Society: what governments can do, public services, censorship, video cameras in public places
  12. Guns and Weapons: gun ownership and possession, police and guns, armed forces
  13. Health: diet, exercise, state health systems, private healthcare, alternative medicine, stress
  14. Housing and Architecture: state housing, old buildings, modern/green buildings
  15. International Language: English as an international language
  16. Money: money and society, consumerism
  17. Personal Development: happiness, success, nature or nurture
  18. Sport and Leisure: professional/competitive sport, sport salaries, sport and politics
  19. Tourism: positives, negative effects on environment, future of tourism
  20. Traditions and Modern Life: losing traditional skills, traditional customs
  21. Transport: traffic problems and solutions, public transport, road safety
  22. Television, Internet and Mobile Phones: positives and negatives, Internet compared to newspapers and books
  23. Water: importance of clean water, water supply
  24. Work: same job for life, self-employment, unemployment, work/life balance, technology and work,
    child labour